Invitation for GOLDEN JUBILEE

Dear Karenites

St Karen’s High School will be 50 years old in 2015.To celebrate this important milestone the school will be celebrating its GOLDEN JUBILEE in a grand way during the session 2014-2015.We are planning a series of activities around the theme “SHINING TO OUTSHINE-WITH A GOLDEN RADIANCE!”

One of these activities will be the publication of a commemorative souvenir coffee table book. It will be a full -colour book , a gallery of memories, featuring photographs of St Karen’s High school’s glorious past and present, a compilation of articles tracing the history of the school, written by alumni, parents, students and key personalities that have contributed to the rich tapestry of SKHS.

We welcome contributions from everyone connected to the St Karen’s High School Community.

Alumni  Members, you may send:

1. An old photo with a caption(preferably digital)
2. Your old class group photo
3. A short paragraph on your:
    a)   favourite teacher/staff member
    b)   funniest/most memorable experience at SKHS
    c)   favourite memory of any place in school

4. short anecdotes on the following:
    a)   The best and worst parts of your school life
    b)   Any school event you were part of
    c)   What you looked forward to at school
    d)   Your greatest achievement at school

5. Your biggest regret
6. The ‘student secrets’ when you were at school!

You may also share with us your photographs of the school building, classrooms, friends,  teachers, events and trips. We are particularly interested in information dating back to the 60s,70s and 80s.

You can email the high resolution photos and send in your emails as soon as possible to the SKHSAA email address  :

The best contributions will be included in the book. The contributions will also be used in other Golden Jubilee activities such as exhibits,newsletters etc.

Let’s make this commemorative souvenir book truly special by including your treasured photos and memories of the most memorable years you spent at SKHS! You now have the opportunity to be part of St Karen’s rich legacy